Get started with 3 easy steps

All you need is to create an Trello account and add the Visitors Power-Up to your Board.
Both systems have a FREE PLAN that you can use forever
#1 Sign up for an Trello account. It is free to use and no credit card is required.
Open the website and click "Get Trello for free"
#2 After you have created your Trello account, create a Board and add the Visitors Power-Up.
Follow the Visitors Power-Up setup guide
#3 You have now created your Check-In Display and are ready to receive guests
Place a Tablet, Computer or QR Code for Check-In at your entrance.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about the system, requested features, or other feedback.
What is Trello?
Trello is the visual tool that empowers your team to manage any type of project, workflow, or task tracking. Add files, checklists, or even automation: Customize it all for how your team works best. Just sign up, create a board, and you’re off!

About Us

The Visitors Check-In Display is developed by jochdk with residence in Denmark. Please contact me if you have requests for new features or any feedback that can us help improve the functionality.

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