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Easy Check-In for your Guests and Trello overview for you.

Easy Check-In for your guests

Let your guests easily Check-In via a Display Client or their own mobile phone.

A Power-up for Trello.

Visitors give your guests an easy Check-In when they arrive and you an overview of who is Checked-In on a Trello Board.

It is simple to use - Add the Visitors Power-Up to an empty Trello Board and follow the guide.
After that you will have:

  • FREE Check-in System.
  • Check-In Display you can use on a tablet or the guest's own phone.
  • Pre-Registration of visitors.
  • Guests on three lists: Guestlist, Checked-In, and Checked-Out.

Experience Visitors Power-Up on our playground.

We hope you like our FREE version and want even more functionality with the Standard Plan where you can customize your Check-In Display and send SMS notifications.

Product Features

Easy Check-In and Out

Welcome your guests with a professional and easy-to-use Check-In Display. It may be a tablet at the reception or the guest's own phone.

Pre-Register guests

Make Check-In even easier. The guest only needs to select their name when they arrive or you can send them a unique Check-In link.

Touchless Check In

Download QR Codes for your Check-In Displays and give your guests touchless access. Scan the code on a tablet or phone and you are ready to go.

Information Popup

You can add a popup per language to provide your guests with more information. The icon is placed in the right bottom corner.

Upgrade your Check-In Display

With a Standard Plan, you can Customize your Check-In Display and send SMS invitations to your guests.

Standard Plan

Upgrade to a Standard Plan and get more functionality

Customize your Displays

Change colors and background on your Check-In Display so it matches your organization.

SMS Notifications

Invite our guest by SMS with an easy Check-In link and be notified by SMS when your guest Check-In.

Scan ID Card

Print an ID Card from Visitors and you can easily check-in and out by scanning the QR Code on the card.

Remove Visitors branding

Replace the Visitors branding in the left bottom corner with your own brand or remove it completely.


You can enable the Vistiors Power-Up in Trello for FREE and get even more features with a Standard Plan

Free Plan

$0 month

No need for Credit Card.
You can use the Free Plan as long as you wish.

  • Easy Check-In and Out for your guests
  • 1 Check-In Display
  • Pre-Register guests
  • Download Check-In QR-Codes
  • Information box on Check-In Display
Get the Visitors Power-Up

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers in the section below or use our contact form to contact us for more information.

  • You need one Trello account for your Check-In Displays (It can be a Free Trello account). From there you can have as many hosts as you wish. The benefit of creating Trello Members as hosts is that they get Trello notifications when a guests Check In. You can get SMS notifications for all hosts with a Visitors Standard Plan.

  • You can Sign Up for an FREE Trello Account here: https://trello.com. On the page you can read all about Trello and find guides to how to use it.

  • Power-Ups and integrations allow you to bring additional features to your boards and integrate your favorite apps like Visitors right into Trello. They can pull information and data from outside services directly into Trello, giving you clear perspective on your favorite tools for work. Power-Ups will help you meet your unique Trello needs! Read more about Power-Ups on Trello┬┤s website.

  • One of the next features is export of guest log to Excel. Please send a message at the bottom of the page with our wishes.

  • Visitors is built to work with Trello and its features. As standard, Trello has built-in Automation that you can use to optimize your Visitors workflow.
    In the Visitors Standard Plan, it is possible to anonymize guest cards to comply with GDPR rules.

About Us

The Visitors Check-In Display is developed by jochdk with residence in Denmark. Please contact me if you have requests for new features or any feedback that can us help improve the functionality.

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